All prescriptions take 48 hours to process, Saturdays and Sundays are not included. A prescription request made on a Friday will be ready for collection on a Tuesday.

Electronic Prescribing

AW Surgeries operate the Electronic Prescribing Service, which means that patients can elect a pharmacist from which to collect their prescriptions. Repeat prescriptions are transferred electronically to the pharmacy and are available to collect within hours of the GP authorisation.

You can change your pharmacy at any time, e.g. going on holiday and needing a one-off at the holiday destination. You can plan this in advance when booking your holiday.

Alternatively, if you still prefer to collect the prescription in person, this can be done at the Albion House reception desk between 3.30 pm and 6.30 pm Monday - Friday.

Repeat Prescriptions

You still need to make a request for a repeat prescription.

Note there is a maximum number of issues on a repeat prescription. If you are asked to attend for an annual check-up, this will be printed on your prescription and needs to be organised, before the new prescription can be authorised.

Prescriptions for Contraceptive Pill

You need to have your blood pressure measured every 6 months, this can be done by booking into the BP clinic any morning, running in both surgeries.

The repeat prescription will be organised after the BP has been reviewed by a GP. Allow 48 hours to process.

You can organise a 30 day’s emergency prescription, but we would ask you do not wait that long, your medication has a known cessation date, act in time to prevent this situation arising.

There is a BP machine in the Waiting Room at Withymoor, if you cannot attend a morning surgery, call into Withymoor and take your own BP. Then pass the printout to the receptionist to be added to your medical record. Ask her to ensure your repeat prescription is authorised.

Pink Prescription Forms from Hospital

You will note the pink forms are non urgent and are marked "Within 7 days"

At AW Surgeries, these are processed by the practice pharmacist, who only works 2 days per week. Please note therefore that the 48 hour rule for prescriptions does not apply to these forms.

Prescription Queries

The prescription team is based at Albion House. If you have a query, you can contact them between 10am and 2pm, or email them directly at

Telephone Ordering

From 1st November 2016, telephone ordering is again available via 01384 323222.

This service, from the local Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group, is available from 10am to 2pm. The service is managed by pharmacists and is intended to improve safety and cut costs within the NHS.

Outside these hours, why not use the electronic ordering service.

Online Ordering

Prescriptions may still be ordered via the ‘EMIS-access’ online booking and messaging service. Click here for our Online Ordering page.

See Reception if you have not got a log-in. You will need to bring Photo Identification and fill in a form.