Training Practice


Our practice is an accredited Teaching General Practice of the University of Birmingham. This means that we have been inspected by the Department of Postgraduate GP Education and have met certain quality standards which permit us to teach both medical students and qualified doctors in training. In addition to this we are also involved in the education of a number of other health care professionals such as practice nurses, practice managers and receptionists.

GP Registrars

Every six months we provide placements within our practice for up to three GP Registrars. These are fully qualified doctors, who have worked in hospitals and are about to embark on a career in general practice. They work under the supervision of the partners, who all learned their skills in the same way. We regard them as one of our team and hope you will do the same.

Medical Students

We are also involved in the training of undergraduate medical students and each of the partners takes responsibility for a group of up to eight students each year. This means that on certain days that partner may be teaching rather than consulting.

Please therefore, do not be surprised to see your doctor in the building on days when he or she has no surgeries booked.