Book An Appointment

You can book routine appointments on line, up to 3 months in advance.

Click Here to book an appointment online.

Dressings - For regular dressing of wounds, book your appointment with the nurse.

Asthma Annual Review
Book your annual asthma review, these are best carried out in the summer, when you are more likely to be enjoying good health. You can review your asthma by downloading this document in advance: Asthma Control Test

Respiratory (COPD) Review
Book your annual respiratory review, these are best carried out in the summer, when you are more likely to be enjoying good health.

Diabetes Review
For all annual and 6 monthly reviews.

Cardiovascular Review
For your annual cardiovascular review.

Hypertension / Blood Pressure Measurement
If you suffer from high blood pressure/hypertension you will be invited to an annual check (6 monthly if taking tablets).

We also have automated blood pressure machines at all of our Surgeries for you to use at any time to check your own blood pressure. In addition your doctor may ask you to take some readings at home and we will be able to loan you a machine to do this. Please ask at reception for information.

Cervical Smear
It is preferable to take the smear during the middle of your cycle. You will be recalled every 3 years up to the age of 50, then at 5 yearly intervals, unless you have had any previous problem.

Family Planning Advice
This may be GP or Nurse led and includes the fitting of coils and implants. We recommend that you have an annual pill check, these 10 minute appointments can be booked online.

Ear Syringing
Hearing aids can have an adverse effect of causing wax to build up in the ear, so syringing assists to keep the ears free and improves the hearing capability for the patient. These are carried out by nurses in routine clinics. Please put eardrops or drops of almond or olive oil, into the affected ear for 3-5 days prior to your appointment. This will soften the wax and make it easier to remove.

Stop Smoking Service
Need help to stop smoking? Make a new year’s resolution and haven’t followed through? Don’t worry, just remember to keep trying. Come and see us for support and assistance. Ask for a Smoking Cessation appointment.

Weight Management
Need to shed some pounds for that special wedding? Doctor told you to lose weight for your health? Come and see us for advice, we may be able to assist with a referral to a dietician or slimming world (Subject to NHS guidelines)

Travel Advice
Don’t leave your travel advice too late, book your advice at the same time you book your holiday. This is a 2 stage process. Initially you need to see the nurse to agree a program of inoculations. The delivery is then planned around your departure dates.
We cannot accept your research from the internet, the nurse needs to work out the injections, based on latest NHS information, which can vary from time to time.

Please give as much notice as possible, why not book the planning visit when you book your holiday. Please do not leave this to the last minute, as we may not have the capacity to accommodate you and the private clinic fees are very high.

Keeping or cancelling appointments

We ask patients to inform reception if they no longer need a booked appointment. There is always a patient who can take that appointment even if it’s at short notice.