AW Surgeries Patients Participation Group Newsletter

Summer 2016

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The recent Care Quality Commission [CQC] inspection officially rated the surgery as GOOD overall with OUTSTANDING in 3 sections, Older people; Families, children and young An excellent result, Well done to all concerned in these very difficult times. The full report can be found on the CQC website.



 The Gp Recruitment Crisis  

The following are extracts from a recent Message to the Patients from the Partners:

Our practice, like many others across the U.K., is currently experiencing an acute shortage of doctors. As a result of various people leaving/retiring and a lack of   applicants for their vacant posts, we are currently reduced to the equivalent of 6 full time GP’s. from more than 10 in 2011...
In order to meet this challenge we are developing a new model of care where some of the work traditionally carried out by doctors will be performed by advanced nurses, health care assistants, practice pharmacists  and physicians assistants...

In order to make this system easier for all concerned we ask that you be prepared to explain the nature of your problem to the receptionists so that your call can be properly directed...

The recent suspension of internet booking was undertaken when high levels of abuse were discovered. This action has resulted in unattended appointments [DNA’s] falling from 640 a month to 260 a month, a saving of nearly 400 appointments, equivalent to 70 GP hours.  Access is now restricted to routine nursing  appointments, requests for all doctor appointments are by telephone through the new unit of specially trained staff who will direct appointments to the appropriate member of the medical team.

YOUR  PATIENT  REPRESENTATIVE  GROUP is fully aware of the above situations and fully recognise the difficulties some patients have experienced when trying to get appointments. But from the partners message it is clear the time for change in patient health care is NOW.

We must all embrace this to ensure that our care is not put at risk and the doctor’s valuable time is not wasted in routine reviews, etc.  FACT: 70% of patients seen by GPs could be dealt with more proficiently by other fully trained nurses etc.  Are You One Of These?



Electronic repeat prescriptions are now being done by the surgery. This system started across the UK last year but this surgery decided to delay joining so that any glitches in the system could be eliminated. Unfortunately this was not the case. There has been a bedding down period with a change to process, which made it slower to operate as the opportunity was taken to review patient records more thoroughly. The practice believe they are now back to normal processing speed.

With the new system, to improve NHS efficiency, patients are encouraged to sign up to a pharmacy of their choice, allowing them to fulfil your prescription [often with free delivery], without you having to attend surgery. One less thing to think of.


To eliminate the confusion patients leaving prescriptions at either surgery for collection must now collect them from ALBION HOUSE ONLY.



Since the last newsletter, group members have increased by 10. We welcome each and every one of them as their contributions enrich the discussions. You are welcome to join them and be directly involved with shaping the new model of care.

At a recent meeting of our locality Multi Disciplinary Team attended by the chairman and secretary, they challenged the Board member for mental health over the poor CQC REPORT on the Dudley and Walsall Mental Health to ascertain exactly what was identified and action being taken to bring service fully up to standard.

We have also attended a lecture by Don Berwick, a leading international lecturer/researcher for change in the delivery of health services. It was a most illuminating talk with information on what other areas of the UK were trialling as well as other countries world wide. The problems we face are not as unique as we are often led to believe.

Training of  Information  Champions is going well and we hope to start operating early August, giving information on a wide range of Health, Social, Housing and Financial matters.

Chairman  Geoff Lawley mobile  07982421485   
Treasurer Geoff Downing 01384 836659
Secretary   Stuart Steele  01384625791